A time for relaxation
Let your spa journey begin

A holistic spa indulgence awaits you at Le Theatre spa, blending exceptional European products sourced from Sothys Paris with exclusive Asian treatments. Nestled in Vietnam’s most mythical of places from the splendid grace of Ha Long Bay to the old-world charm of Hanoi enjoy the experience of letting go and being ushered intoa realm of tranquillity and sensual decadence.


Delve into the world of Asian massage and relax under the skilful pressure of nimble fingersorchoose from ourrange of specially crafted treatments inspired by traditionalhealing practices.Take your pick from our uniquely indulgent options, from a soothing anti-aging facialto a rejuvinating natural body scrubto anourishing body wrap and more.

Le Spa is open daily from 9am to 11pm.

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