Our Conditions

• ‘Company’ means Le Theatre Cruises and, where the context requires, its employees or agents.
• ‘Passenger’ means any person or persons on the vessel.
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Deposit to Guarantee Booking
• The passenger will be required to make the deposit for Le Theatre Cruises before check-in to guarantee the booking with us by our Terms of Payment. The booking will be guaranteed once the payment has been settled to Le Theatre Cruises .
• If not, your reservation will not be secured and may be rejected automatically by our reservation system. Le Theatre Cruises does not take any responsibility for any rejected bookings without deposit from passengers.
• All passengers must have a current passport and valid visa before boarding our vessel. Full insurance is fully recommended for all passengers.
• Cruise itinerary and schedule are subject to change without prior notice due to weather and operation conditions.
The passenger acknowledges that the Captain of Le Theatre Cruises has the right and discretion to change the scheduled itinerary or destination of the cruise if for any reason the Captain of the vessel considers it necessary for the safety and welfare of the vessel, its passengers, and crew
• Advanced registration will be required. Please provide (under Special Requests) during booking all passport information (full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, Vietnam visa expiry date) at least 24 hours before departure. Guests with no information provided may not be allowed to go on board.
• Le Theatre Cruises offers shuttle limousine van service at an extra cost.
Pick up/Drop off location – at hotels within Hanoi Old Quarter only
Pick up time from Hanoi – 8:00 to 8:30 AM
Rate: USD 35 per person (Round trip); USD 20 per person ( oneway)
Rate for children below 4 years: Free of charge (Limited to 1 child per booking only)

Le Theatre Cruises Reserves The Right to:

• Substitute any other vessel other than the one designated for the cruise (including a vessel not owned by the company) provided that the substituted vessel is of a similar type and includes similar facilities to the vessel named in the cruise.
• To cancel or abandon the cruise either before or during the cruise, if the Company or Captain of the vessel considers in their sole and absolute discretion that the cancellation is necessary for reasons of weather or in the interest of the safety and well-being of the vessel, its passengers and crew. The company will not be liable for any loss or expense incurred by the Passengers by such changes or cancellation.
• To refuse to transport a person under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or who is incapable of taking care of himself or herself, or whose condition is such as to make him objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers, or whose behavior threatens the safety of others, such as yelling, cursing or aggressive gestures.
• The Passenger waivers the right to the Company for any claim whatsoever and howsoever incurred including a claim for death, bodily injury, damage or loss of property during embarkation and/or disembarkation to or from the vessel and/or at all times whilst onboard the vessel itself, unless caused by willful misconduct or reckless disregard of the Company.
• Passengers Must Not Bring any dangerous or illegal substances onto the vessel.
• Pets are not allowed for cruise trip.
• Tickets are nontransferable and non-refundable and will not be replaced if lost, destroyed or damaged.
• Special Conditions Apply to Private Charter & Event Bookings. Contact our sales department for details.
• Tickets are valid for the `travel period’ shown. Exclusion periods may apply. Unused or expired bookings cannot be refunded or credited for other cruise or services.
Safety and Security
• For your own safety please do not carry a large amount of cash.
• Close the door securely whenever you are in your room and use all of the locking devices provided.
• Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry
• If you are traveling with children, provide adult supervision at all times.
Customer Belongings
• All customer belongings have collected the cruise tag from our Crew at the Ha Long Office.
• For your convenience, each guestroom and suite feature a personal safe. Additional safe deposit boxes are available at the Reception. Please note that the management cannot be held responsible for any items kept in the safe deposit boxes or personal safes.
We will not be responsible for:
• For loss, damage or theft of cash, jewelry or other valuables left unattended in guest rooms.
Lost And Found:
• Articles left behind by Cruise guests and found after departure will be kept for collection by owner up to 60 days. After that time, unclaimed items will be disposed of by the cruise as seen fit.
Liability of the Customer:
• The Customer is liable for the loss suffered by Le Theatre Cruises and for injury to the employees of Le Theatre Cruises caused by the Customer or his or her luggage.
• In case of emergency, please contact our cruise manager immedietly.
Fire Alarm Procedures:
• Le Theatre Cruises is equipped with an automatic fire prevention and alarm systems.
All “Fire Exit” lights are installed along the corridors and public areas. If you detect a fire either in your room or anywhere on cruise, please follow these procedures:
• Please try to do not panic
• Notify the Operator by dialing “0”
• Then leave the cruise immediately via the nearest fire staircases or following the directions of cruise staff members to the Assembly Points.